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Carpet Cleaning Townsville

Has your carpet seen better days? Was there a time when you knew your carpet’s original colour? A time before years of foot traffic, both of the big human, little human, dog and cat kind, gave it a kind-of brown-ish tint and sticky texture? How about a time when the feeling of walking bare foot through your carpet, scrunching it up in your toes a’la John McClane, was a luxurious feeling causing you to sigh in pleasure, rather than one that required you to wash your feet with soap?

Vacuuming only does so much; at some time the only way to bring carpet back to its original lustre is by a full and vigorous clean.

Most people dread cleaning their carpets; it takes a lot of time and effort and know-how. But that is where we come in. At BPM Carpet Cleaning Townsville, we will bring your carpets back to their prime, toe-scrunching luxuriousness.

And our services aren’t just limited to the home, but to your places of business as well, whether they be a busy office trampled by the shoes of dozens of hardworking workers every day, or a popular hotel filled by vacationing tourists.

It’s about time you got a carpet clean Townsville. Contact us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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carpet cleaning Townsville


About BPM Carpet Cleaning townsville

We’re a local company, located in Townsville, Queensland, the largest city north of the Sunshine Coast – the unofficial capital of North Queensland.

​Townsville is a great city, full of vibrant people who love life, love North Queensland, and love our city. We think it is important to care about our city, and so we ensure we use cleaning products that are both friendly to the environment and safe for your family, whether they be of the two-legged or four-legged kind.

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Our Cleaning Services

Our Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Townsville

Carpet Cleaning Vacuum

When we notice we need carpet cleaning (or, perhaps it is better to say, if we notice our carpets need cleaning) we will usually head to the cupboard to get the vacuum cleaner. That’s what vacuum cleaners are for … to clean up mess from the carpets and floors. You’d think they’d be really good at that.

But the problem with vacuum cleaners is that they only really deal with the top layer of the carpet. Most of the microscopic dust and bacteria and dirt get lodged deep in the carpet fibres, which vacuums can’t get to.

Vacuum cleaning is important, but to really get the proper clean that you want, you need to ensure the carpet’s bottom layers are reached.

That is why you need professional carpet cleaning help from professional carpet cleaners. We will get to the dust, dirt and bacteria that your vacuum cleaner can’t.

We also know that not all carpets are created equal. Some are tough; they can take a beating and come out the other side still in tip-top quality. Others are a little more fragile; they need a bit more of a tender caring touch.

And so different carpets require different kinds of cleaning.

Some can handle a vigorous clean, others need a gentler touch. Worn-down carpet caused by high traffic areas may require a different process than those areas that are more pristine.

But regardless of the type, regardless of the stain, we will handle it.  

Upholstery Cleaning Townsville

Upholstery Cleaning

Most of the time we don’t really give our furniture and upholstery much of a thought in regards to how clean it is.
Of course, we try to keep it clean. Perhaps we don’t let the dog up on the couch (or that uncle with the unfortunate sweating problem), and perhaps we don’t allow our young ones to eat chocolate cake on the couch without a plate, but as long as the couch or lounge is comfortable and doesn’t feel gritty or grotty, we don’t put much extra thought into it.
And the more cleanliness-minded of us might give the couch or sofa a once over with the vacuum every now and them, and when we notice any crumbs or spilled drinks, we might jump on it with a damp cloth as quickly as possible.
But never really more than that. What we can’t see we don’t really worry about.
If you really knew what still remained on your furniture or upholstery after your vacuum, you’d probably never ever sit on your couch again. Dirt and bacteria, layers of dead skin …
… not to mention the tiny microscopic things that live on all that dead skin. Dust mites.
All of these microscopic things become airborne when disturbed, and can get into your lungs when breathed in. This can be bad news to those people with beathing problems like asthma, or allergic issues like eczema.

But that is why you should contact us. Our upholstery cleaning service will get rid of all of that stuff that you don’t want to think about, and leave your furniture and upholstery looking, feeling and, yes, smelling new again.

Commercial and Corporate Cleaning Townsville

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We don’t only do domestic jobs; we are also available to work on commercial and corporate cleaning jobs. So, if you work in an office building or a hotel or any other business, and you are in desperate need to revitalize your look, or to eliminate the spread of germs and cut-down the spread of dust-born allergens, please contact us.

We offer a premium service; we will use only the latest, environmentally-friendly products, and most up-to-date cleaning methods, all catered towards producing jaw-dropping results. We will endeavour to respond quickly to your call, and will work around your schedule.

All of our services listed above and below are available to both Commercial and Corporate businesses, as well as personal households.

Tile and grout Cleaning Townsville

Tile and Grout Bathroom Clean

Your tiles and grout are also great candidates for harbouring germs and bacteria. And since tiles and grout are often used most in bathrooms and kitchens, having a build up of germs, bacteria, mould and mildew at your feet is a sure way of causing sickness in those of our more-at-risk family members, our children and old people.

Contact us, and we will restore your tile area to their original dazzling shine in no time.

Rug Cleaning Townsville

Rug Cleaning Dirty Shoes

Even if you do not carpet the entirety of your floors, you will probably have decorative rugs to add colour and character to your homes. Rugs also come in different materials and styles and each style requires different strategies to ensure they remain soft and colourful.

We perform rug cleaning services for all types of rugs – think Oriental, Persian, Handmade Rugs, Shag Rugs and many more. Contact us for all of your rug cleaning needs.

Stain and Odour Removal Townsville

Stain Removal

We all make mistakes. We knock over a glass here, drop some food there, and we leave behind a stain. We don’t want the stain to be permanent, so we get a rag and try and pick it up. However, we just seem to make it worse.

Or we have pets, and after a little while, we notice a smell remaining even when the pet has gone. We don’t know where it’s coming from, and we don’t know how to get rid of it, but we know it’s gotten into the carpets and with every step, we’re just trampling the problem deeper into the fibre.

​You don’t need to hold your breath or worry over spilt milk (or red wine). We have stain and odour removal services; we will use specialised chemical treatments created to attack the components that make up the source of the stain or smell and remove it, leaving your carpet looking fresh and smelling like it has just been laid.

Mattress Cleaning Townsville

Rug Cleaning Dirty Shoes

Experts say we should sleep at least seven hours a night, and of course most, if not all of us, spend these hours on a mattress of some kind. All of this time spent in one place means the mattress becomes a really disgusting place, if you look at it through a microscope.

Think bacteria, think flaked off skin cells, and millions of dust mites. Think of the fact that these dust mites are living organisms, and like other living organisms,  they … well, they excrete. In fact, they excrete twice their own body weight.

If you can no longer sleep, thinking about what else might be sharing your bed, contact us for your mattress cleaning needs.

If you are in Oxford, visit the Oxford Carpet Cleaning Team.
If you are in Naples, Florida, visit rug cleaning Naples FL.
If you are in Tampa, Florida, visit 
Carpet cleaning Tampa Fl.

Keeping on top of our carpet cleaning requirements can be difficult. Simply vacuuming is not enough. You need to call someone to give your carpets a professional clean. We will bring your carpets back to life. 

And not just your carpets, but your rugs, mattress, sofas, couches, furniture, tiles and grout and much more.

So contact us today, or leave your details in the contact form provided.

Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

Why Should We Clean Our Carpets?

Carpet Wear and Tear

Your carpets come under a lot of stress. All day, every day, people are walking on them, wearing them down with dirty shoes and dirty feet. Pets shed hair on them, or bring in dirt from outside on their paws, or even just pee on them.

And kids? Well, anyone who’s had kids, carpet, drink and food in close proximity to each other knows exactly where the drink and food will end up if they are left unsupervised.

​All of this wear and tear adds up. Your carpets, once a beautiful bold colour that added much to the look of the house, because an embarrassment; a dull, lifeless, gritty thing you try and divert attention away from when visitors come over.

But we will bring them back to life.

Now, you may say, ‘Well, I’ll just vacuum regularly. I don’t need any professional help if I vacuum every few days, do I?’

​Well, vacuuming is definitely important. But vacuuming doesn’t get deep down into the carpet. It might get rid of the surface layer of dust, dirt, and bacteria, but only the surface layer. Deep within the forest of your carpet, right down at the ground layer, the dust, dirt and bacteria remain, and things like dust mites and bedbugs find their home. Vacuuming only gets the stuff at the top of the forest, but only a thorough clean can really get right down to the forest floor.

What are the Health Benefits of Cleaning My Carpets?

Carpet Cleaning Health BenefitsCarpets can get pretty grotty. We spend all day walking on them, stirring up everything held deep within the fibres, so that dust, dirt and bacteria becomes airborne. The build up of all these particles in the air can give people with lower immunity, and those with pre-existing health issues, breathing problems like asthma and allergic attacks.

Children and our older generation are more prone to these types of attacks. The longer you put off getting your carpets cleaned, the worse these problems will become.

How Often Should I Schedule A Carpet Clean?

How often should I do a professional carpet cleanThe answer to this is: it depends, but probably more often than you currently do. 

If you are single and live the quiet life with no pets, no raging parties and you are methodical in ensuring the outdoors stays outside and not on the bottom of your shoes as you come inside, than a once a year should be sufficient.

This might change to more frequently, like every six or nine months, if you smoke, or if you have pets or children.

However, if you have all three – you smoke, you have kids and you have pets – think every three months … particularly if your carpet is in your high-traffic area, such as coming in from outside or from the garage.

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